Cottonwood Ranch Water offers complete EPA WaterSense irrigation logistics and management for your business, government, military or aerospace facilities utilizing m2m cloud technology and autonomous machine learning.

Complete service of:

  • Potable Water
  • Disinfected Tertiary Recycled Water
  • Disinfected Secondary-2.2 Recycled Water
  • Disinfected Secondary-23 Recycled Water
  • Undisinfected Secondary Recycled Water

Also featuring

  • California Recycled Water Site Supervisor Training
  • Yearly Backflow Inspection
  • Bi-Weekly & Monthly Yardney Inspection & Service
  • Calsense 2000, Calsense 2000e, Calsense 3000 installation & management

Recycled Water-Related Statutes (PDF, 1.3MB) 180 pages, last updated January 13, 2017

Recycled Water-Related Regulations (PDF) 81 pages, last updated July 16, 2015